Dr Chris Walsh MBBS, DPM, FAChAM is a psychiatrist working in private practice at The Royal Domain Building, 108 St Kilda Rd in Melbourne He has admitting rights at The Melbourne Clinic and Albert Rd Clinic. aHe has been working in psychiatry since 1985.  In that time, he has worked in hospitals, jails, community settings, and drug and alcohol institutions. He now works in general psychiatric practice with an emphasis on treating Mood and Anxiety Disorder, PTSD and Attention Deficit Disorder. He is also one of Australia’s leading mindfulness teachers.

In 1983, after he first graduated as a medical doctor, Chris assisted at the Tibetan refugee hospital in Dharamsala in Northern India.

This trip left a lasting impression on him. Chris’s daily Mindfulness Meditation practice began eighteen months later, as he began working in psychiatry. As a result, Mindfulness has been organically integrated into his psychiatric practice from the beginning.

His psychotherapy integrates diverse theoretical frameworks, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Gestalt and Self Psychology in which he is formally trained.

Chris has taken a major role in family constellation work in Australia. He has given presentations at Australian national professional conferences on both mindfulness and family constellations.

Chris has a breadth of experience both in his life as well as his work. As a medical student he took a year off from his studies. He spent this year traveling around Australia working as a labourer in factory and farm jobs. He has diverse interests including music, poetry and football and is fluent in Spanish.

He has constructed three other websites: