Dr Chris Walsh MBBS, DPM, FAChAM is a psychiatrist working in private practice at The Melbourne Clinic, Richmond (Melbourne, Australia).

Chris also works in the Drug and Alcohol treatment setting and has a strong commitment to promoting use of mindfulness and awareness of family issues in that area.
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  • www.mindfulness.org.au

    Mindfulness meditation is now receiving scientific validation as an adjunct to conventional psychological and medical therapies. With mindfulness we move from being buffeted by the eddies and currents of our thoughts feelings and urges to calmly watching the stream of consciousness going by.

    This site is designed to assist people who are interested in the integration of mindfulness meditation, psychotherapy and medical therapies for their own wellbeing, for the purpose of enhancing the therapeutic relationship or to improve the quality of clinical interventions.

  • www.mbsc.net.au

    Family constellations and organizational constellations are a way of looking at the family or organisation as a whole without scapegoating or blaming. It is a brief intervention that can reveal creative and unexpected solutions that emerge out of taking a broader perspective than is possible in other approaches. This work emerged out of psychotherapy, family therapy, group therapy, systems theory and phenomenology.

    It can be used to help deal with interpersonal problems in both families and organizations. It can help families deal with other issues such as alcoholism and other addictions, psychiatric disorders, serious medical illnesses, adoption, grief and separation.

    It can help organizations function more effectively dealing with such issues as restructuring and communication problems. Individuals who somehow feel held back from living life to their full potential may also benefit.

    Dr Walsh runs regular family constellation workshops, the details of which can be found on this website. There is also a spanish language family constellations site

  • Constelaciones Familiares

    Constelaciones familiares y constelaciones organizacionales son basados en el inovativo trabajo de Bert Hellinger llamado “Los Ordenes del Amor”, que emergió de la psicoterapia, terapia de familia, terapia del grupo, teoría de sistemas y fenomenología.

    Puede ser usado para ayudar a entender problemas interpersonales en familias y organizaciones. Puede ayudar a las familias a trabajar con problemas como alcoholismo y otras adicciones, desordenes psiquiátricos, enfermedades físicas serias, adopciones, duelo y separación.

    Asimismo puede ayudar a organizaciones a funcionar en forma más efectiva en caso de reestructuración y problemas de comunicación.

    Personas que, de alguna manera se sienten impedidas de vivir su vida en todo su potencial también se benefician con esta forma de trabajo.

    Dr Walsh hace talleres regulares en constelaciones familiares. Se puede encontrar las detalles en este vinculo.